Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Fandoms I’m In

None of this will probably come as a surprise, but I realised it had been a fortnight since I last posted so I had to bust something out quickly.

Also, look at me, doing a Top Ten Tuesday from the future! And on a Friday! Wow I so clearly have my shit together it’s intimidating.


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish


1) The Lunar Chronicles

I feel like this one doesn’t even need any further explanation at this point. Simple facts of life that are just known; E=mc(2); every action has an equal and opposite reaction; Addilyn is obsessed with The Lunar Chronicles. And you can’t argue with science.


2) Magisterium

Another series that I will worship until the end of time. Unfortunately, unlike the alive and healthy fandom of The Lunar Chronicles, the Magisterium fandom consists of approximately six other people and a shoelace [that was eaten by Warren].


3) Fairy Tail

It brings me shame to admit that I’m a very active member of an anime fandom, but what can you do. (PS Jerza is the best ship and I will fight you on this).


5) Harry Potter

One of the best things about this fandom is how huge it is. There’s fan art and fan fictions and groups everywhere you turn. Not to mention all of the merchandise that you can find everywhere (even though it’s harder to find Hufflepuff stuff) 🙂


6) Pretty Little Liars

I got bored of the books around the fifth one, but I love the TV show  – even if it can be confusing at times. After all, most of the supporting male characters look pretty much the same, so sometimes there’ll be a dramatic reveal and I’ll have no idea who it is. It’s like “Who murdered her? Dun dun dun! Dramatic reveal: it was generic white guy #27! Or was it #15?”


7) Once Upon A Time

Recent seasons haven’t been as good as the first few, but I still love the show. Also, seeing Henry grow up has been amazing (he’s nearly as tall as his mums now!)


8) Divergent

One of the many reasons why I love the Divergent series so much is that I actually enjoyed the movies as much as the books (even though they (especially the most recent one) were very different to the books). I am sad, however, that the movies didn’t include the best scene in the entire book series; when Amity accidentally drugged Tris with too much peace serum.


9) Friends

I love Friends so much, and have marathoned the entire series more times than is probably healthy. How else am I to achieve true Unagi? (I’m sorry xD)


10) Merlin

Merlin is another series that I will never stop loving. The bromance between Arthur and Merlin is perfection.



Oh my God, I finally did a Top Ten Tuesday list that was actually ten items long! *pops party popper*

Addilyn out.


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